Still Alive

I realized one day that I have not written much at all on here, but boy was I surprised to find out just how long it had been. Why? Honestly (and I loathe when people say this), it has been incredibly busy around these parts - both professionally and personally.  So to not belabor the point, I thought I would give a quick recap of what I was up to since the last blog post.

This past year was the busiest year to date for Arris Photography, which included expanding more of the commercial architecture photography side of the business working with new architects and construction firms.  One of the highlights was photographing the then-new Medical Center at Colorado State University for Adolfson & Peterson Construction.


Part of the year I felt as if I was in a creative rut, so I took on some commercial product assignments that I would have normally referred out to other photographers.  The most fun, by far, was heading up into the high country during peak fall season to shoot marketing materials for a new custom fly rod maker.  Part of this shoot took place over a couple of days in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and involved long, cold days of standing in knee-deep water capturing images of fishermen testing fly rods in various conditions.  This was definitely outside of my normal routine, but it was a blast!

Also, took the opportunity to flex my product photography muscles and shoot some images for a small-batch distillery in Colorado. 

commercial-product-photography-marble-distillery-001 .jpg

Finally, I simply decided to take time off.  Last May, my wife and I welcomed our second child into the world, and I decided I wanted to spend as much time as I could with my growing family.  It definitely impacted the real estate photography side of thing since this was during peak selling season, but honestly, it was a great summer just …being.