I’m Dan. I’m a scientist, teacher, computer nerd, trivia junkie, toddler wrangler and, coincidentally, a photographer based in Northern Colorado dedicated to architecture, interiors and real estate. My work focuses on showcasing the work of designers, builders, architects, and stagers as well as working with select realtors to improve their personal brands via captivating images.

My life revolves around images; however, I gravitated towards photography via a very circuitous route, which most notably includes a stint as a personal chef for a now-retired surly, anabollically-enhanced, professional baseball player and a PhD in cognitive neuroscience. When not photographing places, I’m imaging and studying the insides of peoples’ heads. My work in translational neuro-imaging benefits research groups that are looking for interdisciplinary solutions to fundamental research questions about the human brain.

Naturally, I was drawn to the vastly technical field of architectural photography that combines an analytic and critical mindset with a willingness to solve problems and just the right amount of creative chutzpah to truly bring out the character of a space when limited to only two dimensions.